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360° Virtual Reality Video | Champ d'Or Real Estate Tour Part1

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  • 360° Virtual Reality Video | Champ d'Or Real Estate Tour Part1

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    Posted by : Alex E. Campain

    Posted on : 30-03-19

    Address : 1314 North Creekside Drive

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    360° Virtual Reality Video | Champ d'Or Real Estate Tour Part1

    In this 360° virtual tour, the Scouting Owl team has documented an American castle and created this immersive, awe-inspiring virtual reality real estate walkthrough of one of the top 100 largest homes in the United States, and the largest house for sale in Texas: the Champ d’Or Estate in Hickory Creek, Texas. Scouting Owl specializes in virtual reality real estate tours and walkthroughs of high-end real estate properties.

    In real estate, time is money. Scouting Owl is the innovative, revolutionary real estate solution, designed specifically to expedite buyer decision-making and save you time – and money. Avoid unnecessary travel and food expenses while protecting the value of your time and resources. With Scouting Owl, agents, investors and property owners can show multiple listings to multiple clients from the cool comfort of the agency office.

    Scouting Owl is an interactive VR video solution that is created from inside the commercial or residential property itself. It adds in motion graphics, facts and figures about the property and additional MLS listing information. Clients can see the property to scale, in an immersive 3D environment with natural lighting. The pre-made file pauses intermittently throughout the showing to answer frequently asked questions about the property and to allow clients to look around freely.

    Showing properties can be excruciating for all parties. Fortunately, Augmented Reality is no longer science fiction! With Scouting Owl, you can show more than 20 properties in the same 3 hours that you normally would only be able to show one or two.

    Time is money. Contact Scouting Owl today.

    If you would like more information about the Champ d’Or Estate, or are interesting in purchasing it, please contact:
    Joan Eleazer
    MLS# 13179720
    Briggs Freeman Sotheby's International Realty.
    5600 W. Lovers Lane Ste.224 Dallas, Texas 75209
    214-353-5168 direct
    214-537-5923 cell
    To view the MLS Listing:

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